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Hobbizer saves Valentine’s Day !

Boum! When your heart go boom (french song)  ! It is that you begin to feel the panic invading you at the approach of the month of February! After seeing the life in red and green for two months because of Christmas you will soon see it in pink! Your girl/boyfriend... read more

Our selection of original hotels in Paris

It is official! You have just booked your train or flight tickets for a romantic weekend in Paris! Bravo! That’s a good start! But now you need to find the perfect hotel. And if possible, a special hotel to surprise your sweetheart. We know that this can easily become... read more

Paris by the water: our best addresses and activities

We didn’t believe it would happen anymore but finally Summer has come! At least for a few days… So, what to do in Paris to keep the water under your feet rather than above your head? Hobbizer found the best addresses and activities in Paris so that you can either... read more