Proposed Activities

Does hobbizer offer all the existing activities and entertainments in Paris ?
We only select our most-loved activities and choose our partners with great care. Therefore we do not offer all the existing Parisian activities but only the best ones!

How can we be sure about the quality of the proposed activities?

The hobbizer team is 100% Parisian and each activity we offer has been tested at least once. If we don’t like an activity or that we get several negative feedbacks from our clients, we remove it from our website.

I would like to know the name of the activity provider and book it before making a decision. Is it possible?
As soon as you receive your road book you will get all the information about the activity you booked. We cannot communicate the provider’s name before your programme has been validated.

I would like to know the location of the proposed activities in order to optimize my programme. How can I do that ?

The activity location is indicated at the bottom of each activity page. You won’t see the exact address but the map is accurate enough so you can to can organize your stay with ease.

I need more details about an activity. What to do?
Please send us an email: contact@hobbizer.com. We are happy to help you organize your tailor-made stay!



I would like to order a map of the neighbourhood but I don’t know yet where in Paris I will be staying. Can I place an order anyway?

Of course you can! You can tell us later the address of your accommodation.

I would like to book an airport transfer to my accommodation but I don’t have any information about my flight or my hotel yet. Can I book a transfer anyway? 

You need to communicate your flight details before your arrival. If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, you can tell us the destination address later.

Can you book a hotel for me?
We are happy to do the search for you and check on availability. For this, please select the « Find me a hotel » option. However, for online booking you may need to pay upfront, or at least on the spot.


Our Services

If I use the service « Where to go out in Paris?»,  can I be sure to get a spot in the bars which hobbizer selected on my roadbook ?

Unfortunately not. We have searched and selected the best bars for you and we provide you the best addresses, but we are not able to guarantee the access.

I have booked a restaurant but I am unable to go. Can I get a refund on the service « Find me a restaurant »?
If you are not able to go to the restaurant that your Organizer booked for you, unfortunately it won’t be possible for us to reimburse you the cost of the search and of the organization since our team has worked hard to select the best restaurant for you. Furthermore, canceling your booking means additional work for us to do.



Is the price of a hobbizer activity higher than what we would pay, if we booked directly with the provider? 
No. We propose activities at the same price as the provider does. The organizational cost is added to the activity cost.

What is included in the organizational cost?
The organizational cost includes everything your personal organizer will do to help you save time: checking on availability, booking activities, sending dematerialized tickets to your customer account, creating a roadbook, searching for additional activities if the selected activity is not available, providing customer support and optimizing your programme.



Once my programme is validated, when will the money be debited according to my quote?
You will only be debited after your personal organizer has checked on availability for all your selected activities. You will receive a booking confirmation email with the amount that was debited as per your quote.  

Why do I need to provide my bank details before availabilities have been confirmed by my hobbizer organizer?
We need to have your bank details in order to get the payment authorization and to ensure that the amount of your quote is actually available on your bank account. 

The activities I have selected are not available. When will I be reimbursed? 

Since we do not take any money from you before confirming availability, if an activity is no more available we won’t debit anything. Therefore there is no need for a refund.

My personal organizer suggested me a better programme than the one I had validated myself, but now the amount is different. Do I need to provide my bank details once again?

If the new quote costs less than the first one then all you need to do is validate the new quote by answering the email we will send you.

If the new quote costs more than the first one, we will ask you for your safety to provide your bank details on our secure payment page.

Can I pay in installments?
We only accept one-off online payments. If your quote is higher than your authorized debit limit, please contact you bank and make sure you can unblock the daily or monthly limit until your payment is completed. 

My credit card is not working. What to do?

Please use a different credit card or contact you bank in order to check if you have exceeded your authorized debit limit.  We do not accept any other payment methods. 



I need to cancel my stay in Paris. How can I get reimbursed?
Write us to explain your situation: contact@hobbizer.com, and please read our Conditions of Repayment section in our Terms and Conditions. We can only reimburse activities that our partners accept to cancel and we do not give any refund for organizational costs.

As a general advice, we suggest our clients to take a travel cancellation insurance when booking their flights, hotels or touristic activities during a trip.


My travel documents

I have booked an activity but I haven’t received my tickets or my road book yet. What to do?

If your stay or your activity will take place in more than 2 months, this is normal. Most of our partners send us the tickets 2-3 months before the planned date.

If your stay or your activity will take place in less than 2 months, please contact your personal organizer from your hobbizer account or send us an email: contact@hobbizer.com 


My personal organizer:

Can I contact my personal organizer 24/7, before and during my trip? 
You can connect with your personal organizer by mail or using the online form in your hobbizer account, every day from 9am to 6pm until the end of your stay in Paris.

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